Domestic Becky-Week 2: Two Meals and The Baking Bug

This week was a bit busy for me and I found myself making more snacks and treats and eating out rather than putting a balanced meal together. The highlight of my dinner week was definitely our Sunday dinner. I also went to a very cool cooking class and can’t wait to share recipes sometime soon. I’m going through day by day.

Sunday: Grapefruit Poppy Seed Loaf, Hachis Parmentier and Nutella Shake for dessert.
I got the baking bug and made the grapefruit loaf for Sunday breakfast. I had grapefruit on hand from last week’s bruleed grapefruit. It was fun to bake using olive oil and greek yogurt instead of butter and eggs. You should know I hadn’t baked anything for an entire month. (For a woman who has been baking like every other day for a couple years, that is a big break!)
The Haschis Parmentier is a meal I’ve been meaning to make for nearly two years. It’s basically a French-style Shepard’s Pie. It includes cube steak, sausage and the mashed potatoes on top are unreal. Imagine heavy cream, whole milk, Gruyere and Parmesan cheese. It’s sinful, I tell you, sinful. It takes a long time, but is absolutely worth every minute.And last but not least, the Nutella Shake. Simply milk, vanilla ice cream and Nutella. Delish.
Monday: We ate both ate late lunches and just had a late night snack. So no dinner made that night. Just fridge grazing. I almost forgot. I made and blogged about my Great-Grandmother’s Swedish Pancakes. These were so yummy. Snag the recipe here.

Tuna Sandwich with Coconut and Cilantro
Okay, this was such a great sammy to make. We had everything on hand. I was especially happy to use up my capers. The flavors were wonderful, unique and satisfying.  Each bite was different. We both loved this recipe and wished I would have doubled it to have for lunch the next day. I just made the recipe as it was and we both had open-faced sandwiches.
Wednesday: Busy night. The husband made frozen pizza and I partook. Anyone have a favorite brand? We like to get the De-journo at Costco and keep on hand. I also worked on some recipe development for an old-fashioned dessert my grandma made, and I can’t wait to post it!
Thursday: Another busy night. The husband made an incredible Macaroni and Cheese using a hodge-podge of cheeses and Shirley J Whisk Bliss: White Cheddar base. He then topped it off with cheddar cheese, panko crumbs and bacon.
Friday: Went out to eat. Had some sub-par tacos.
Saturday: Out again, but came home and was craving some fresh veggies so I made Spicy Mexican Coleslaw with Lime and Cilantro by Kalyn’s Kitchen. (Sorry no pix. But I know I’ll make it again very soon!) This coleslaw did not disappoint. I’d love to put it on homemade fish tacos.


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