Domestic Becky-Week One: Craving Cilantro & Using Up That Ham

Week 1 for me was pretty good. I used a lot of what I already had in the kitchen and gathered lots of inspiration from some of my favorite local food blogs.

I was so darn happy to actually use up that giant ham I’d had since the beginning of December. It was taking up far too much fridge space and I wasn’t ready to freeze it.

Creamy Avocado Pasta Sauce over Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Creamy Avocado Pasta Sauce
by Two Peas and Their Pod
*This was such a refreshing and light Sunday lunch. It totally hit the spot with it bright flavors from the lime juice, cilantro and the kick from garlic. I think using whole wheat pasta is especially nice–it feels you up and is hearty. Besides being delicious, this really is done in less than 15 minutes! You may want to consider doubling it…Husband was sad there wasn’t more. PS…this is one of my all-time favorite food blogs. I make her recipes a lot.

West African Stew over Pureed Cauliflower

West African Chicken and Peanut Stew by Kalyn’s Kitchen
I’d been craving some ethnic food and I’m a huge sucker for peanut butter in savory meals. Husband and I both loved this recipe. The ginger, red onion and jalapenos weren’t as prominent as I imagined they would be…but they brought overall depth.  It’s a great winter recipe..nice and warm. I served it over mashed cauliflower (Just steam, season and mash the cauliflower. So easy.)  Don’t forget the green onions! (This is also a favorite food blog of mine.)

Hambone (and Bean) Soup
We got a ham from Husband’s work Christmas party. After eating as much as we could of it, I turned it into a soup. It was super easy as I just used this bean mix his mom gave us. I think they got it as a gift and didn’t want it or something? No real recipe here, but I guess you could buy the (overpriced) mix (and a giant ham) lol. The recipe made a ton and is absolutely delicious.

Bruleed Grapefruit Recipeby The Vintage Mixer

Bruleet Grapefruit

I made this one morning for breakfast and it was delicious. So easy and only 3 minutes in the oven. ..though I think next time I would do it for 4-5 minutes.

The rest of the week consisted of salads, steamed sweet potatoes, roasted squash, sandwiches and the man making frozen pizza tonight. I pretty much stuck to my original plan. Next week I’ll be making a French-style Shephard’s Pie for Sunday dinner, Mustard-roasted fish, some sort of chicken salad and maybe something with tofu.

Alright ladies, what did you make or what are you planning to make? And get posting your week one!


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